Center for University Teaching and Didactics Landau (ZHDL)


Service unit for the production of professional photographs as well as for the photographic documentation of all kinds of university events.

Photography Services


The photography department offers the production of professional photographs for various purposes inside and outside the studio at the Landau campus:


  • Portrait photos (e.g. of employees for publication on the homepage, of students for application purposes),
  • biometric passport photos,
  • photographs of groups of people (e.g. work teams for publication on the homepage) and
  • product photos (e.g. for advertising purposes).

Reproductions and digitization of Originals

The photo laboratory offers reproductions and digitalizations (i.e. scans or digital reprography) of all types of originals (b/w and color). The storage is done on a digital data carrier (CD, DVD). Possible originals: slides, negative and black and white film. In addition, photographic originals (e.g. photographic prints, certificates, documents, sketches or drawings) can also be digitized.



Digital image editing

The photo lab offers digital image processing (i.e. optimization and retouching) of your reproductions and digitalizations as well as of various electronic data sources and formats. Within the scope of optimization, the image material is manually sifted and optimized with high-quality image processing and analysis software, e.g. with regard to brightness, contrast, color intensity, tonal range, sharpness and depth brightness. Retouching can be used, for example, to remove image defects such as scratches, dust and dirt.



Photographic documentation

Photography continues to provide photographic documentation of all types of university events (e.g., ceremonies, panel discussions, guest lectures, cultural events) for the purpose of internal and external communication.




Karin Hiller

Campus Landau
Building K, Room 0.21

49 (0)6341 280-31187

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